Todd Bellevue

Project Description

The 750 sq.ft play area designed in the residential dwelling developed by NRS Developers in Bolrivali, Mumbai was envisioned to assist young parents. The kids play area for ages 2-7years is colorful, quirky and full of activities to keep the young minds busy and happy.

Designer Sapana Jain wanted to keep everything in sync with the idea of latest kid icons, games, cartoons, and learning. The interior is quite vibrant and playful and the walls are hand painted to give an artistic touch to the space. The front façade displays giant colorful pencils and the ceilings adorn lights, custom-made to look like giant Rubik’s cubes by I heart Homez. Even the bathroom enjoys a colorful and fun theme of one of the favorite kid’s characters, the Minions. The PVC flooring is custom made to look bright and aid comfort to the curious little ones while they engage themselves in a number of activities provided by the designer to make the cozy place a small box full of surprises.

Games and activities include, wall climbing, magnetic boards, Lego, peg board, play station area, story books, learning games, growth charts, black boards and much more. The tiny tables and chairs have also been sourced from the furniture brand I Heart Homez.

This playhouse was designed to averse every idea of a typical daycare center and has been made as colorful and quirky as we wish the next generation to be.

The USP: The place is a mere 750 sq.ft but is designed in a manner to accommodate a variety of games, learning activities and play area. The décor is focused on the needs of a young mind and provides a fun experience while teaching a number of things as well.

Project: Todd Bellevue

Location: Mumbai

Designer: Sapana Jain

Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat