The Quirky Apartment

Project Description

  1. What was the brief from the client for the design?
    The dwellers concept of an ideal living is that of a cozy, comfortable living space with setups that allow them to convert it into a work environment whenever required. Something out of the box to match the requirements along with being a comfortable space for an elderly couple (Client’s parents). They wanted a quirky retreat home with elements of the yesteryears for adding ancestral touches. The furniture is from their Kerala home that adorns carving designs along with some Indonesian wood elements being a total modern element to break the ice.
  2. Explain the concept of the design and the approach towards it.
     Modern space with an extravagant colour palette. A home to a tech-savvy boy and old-fashioned parents being extremes it shouted fusion. Designs from both the eras had to be considered giving the house a lively feel as well as a warm touch.
  3. Explain in detail the design of each room in the house and the choice of material and finishes
     Master bedroom- soft blue hues hand painted in areas to have a personal touch since this was occupied by the parents. Wood along with paint for the raw look but a very elegant space.
     Son’s room- monochrome with a dash of yellow to break the monotony. Minimalistic. Clean veneers with tones of grey finishes. A printed tile quirky bathroom in tones of grey.
     TV Room- A den for a total bachelor feel because he’s a Tech Freak and wanted to have a surround sound system to enjoy his gaming experience. And a collection of his humble grams over the years are placed in this room.
     Living and dining area- Refurbished furniture from their old Kerala house has been used. We provided small details along the way and a rocking chair which they are fond of and the pipe lighting for a feature wall. Dining table is original teak wood from Indonesia along with our brands favourite signature chandelier.
     Kitchen area- Modern English teal finish with a classical design to break the colour pops in the living area since it’s an open kitchen.
  4. Describe the key furniture elements of the house, especially those with a fusion approach.
     All the furniture elements in the house are a fusion of classical design with solid colours. Majorly the living area flooring pattern being a yesteryear idea with bright furniture on top of classical origin.
  5. Describe the wooden elements used in the design and the décor influences.
     Entry to the house is an old saying with a lemon-yellow entry door to balance the fusion.
     The wooden raw breakfast counter that can slide along and be used as a bar counter.
  6. What makes this home a fusion home in your opinion?
     Fusion style offers everything, and no rules that limit the design element. A combination of modern elements being the ‘life’ with classical elements being the ‘soul’ hence completing the design as a whole.

Project: The Quirky Apartment

Designer: Sapana Jain

Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat