Casa Blanca

Project Description

Rustic, crisp and a pop of colour to create a lively and fun-filled space, Casa Blanca is the perfect weekend getaway. The entire villa has a very renaissance feel to it. Sapana Jain, Principal Designer , I Heart Homez, says, “I personally love working with different shapes, colours and textures which is very prominent from both the exteriors and the interiors of this vacation home. The moment you step into the house, the first two things you will notice are the wall paintings and the artwork which is all hand painted.” Each corner of the house has an artistic vibe to it.

Flooring- We have used raw concrete for an earthy home feel. Casblanca being a vacation home demanded a chill and relaxed element to it, the concrete is soothing to touch, keeps the home cool even on a scorching summer day and is easy on the eyes.

Wall Cladding- For the walls we have used white cement undulation patterns. The reason being the same as above, and the cave like design concept is well supported by the use of cement walls.

Interior Finishes- To balance the warmth and the vibe of the space we have used natural wood with vintage paint on it and wall finishes with a mix of white cement and Plaster of Paris.

Light Fixtures- For lights we have used a few enchanting colonial chandeliers and lights to add a classical vintage look to the home.

Kitchen- We have used a bold dark blue quartz counter top with beautiful niches and hand painted shutter. The colorful shutter, the counter top and the white decor offer a refreshing experience to a cooking lover.

Bath Fixtures- The bathroom fittings are contemporary and simple but the basins are stone carved to go with the beautiful custom made mirrors sourced from our home brand, I heart Homez.

Furniture & Décor- Earthy forms of both wood and white cement is used to create the furniture pieces, even the beds are concrete platforms with mattress on top. The dining chairs are typical Indonesian wooden log chairs along with a tiled dining top.

Soft Furnishings- We have used minimal furnishings in order to not steal the focus off of the hand painted walls that add to the quirkiness and create a beautiful frame for the house.

It’s a two-storeyed four bedroom villa, which includes a kids play area and a recreational zone which includes a poker table for adults along with a dance floor and a DJ console. There is a small library for you to flip through the books. However, the cherry on top would be the outdoor pool that comes with a bar.

Project: Casa Blanca

Location: Karjat

Designer: Sapana Jain

Year of completion: 2018

Project type: Holiday Home